On time

On time

When the sun raises the breath that pushes the blades
of the tri-corner towers
labourers who live within those shadows
rise to assume their place

Time is not theirs:
on whatever task they are required
just as quickly must they stop
and resume another

There is no completion
no personal competency
neither will nor choice nor even discipline of self
so that when the sun drops the breath that drives the blades
day is over, all bodies must cease.

At dawn the rotation resumes
engineers inspect the blades
while children are gathered to admire
the accomplishment of men (and some women)
who have gathered the winds and put the sun to work on time

They are taught the lesson
that there is an admirable elegance
to two things which ever are the same:

The sun always rises to meet its task
and men assigned it the terms of its rest.

Jeremy Nathan Marks