A beautiful boat -John Panian

A beautiful boat

That’s what we had. Maybe.
One day before our faces.
Now, this is where we are.
Trying on well-fitting boots.

We bought them. The book.
The line. The sinking thoughts.
Them too, we bought. “Fuck the
farm, we bought the boat!”

The oars and the ocean too.
And then we threw them all
in. Chopped the little ones
for our chum and threw them

in over the side. I can see them
now, the pieces, moving up
from the dark like bright fish.
Our beautiful boat is eating us.

John Panian (St. Louis, MO)

John Panian writes poems, makes images and pays the bills by working with food in Saint Louis, Missouri, where he lives with his wife and daughter. You can follow him here: https://aprayerlikegravity.wordpress.com